storage forms

moscow, russia  .  2019  .  concept


the closed competition for an architectural and art concept of a complex of museum storage buildings in kommunarka
total area of   the object: 70,000 sq.m


working team: alexey chadovich, nadezhda chadovich, anna kiparis


since the complex stores the works from 27 different galleries, the shell of the museum has been created to combine them all with one simple approach. in our solution, architecture becomes a form of storage, neutral, like a frame. it does not serve as a translation, but as a simple presentation of the values   it holds. therefore, as a formal solution, we have chosen the simplest geometric shapes: a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle and an equilateral cross.
the use of large simple forms of the complex buildings makes it noticeable and recognizable from long distances (for example, from an airplane window), memorable and easily identifiable. these frames can form the basis of the branding of the complex and specify the
navigation of the employees inside of each volume, and be used in souvenirs.





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